Terrorizing Time: Integra Type R



The K-Tuned shifter helps ensure that those crucial shifts are precise and clean. Jimmy and R-Division have a long standing relationship with K-Tuned. 


As you can imagine in a K-Tuned sponsored car, the list of parts is extensive and many have been on the car for a few seasons. Ensuring that track side support was present, John Veloso from K-Tuned was at Buttonwillow supporting the team in the garage and while James was out on track. There is a K-Tuned header, K-Tuned power steering delete, K-Tuned B series TPS adaptor, K-Tuned conversion harness, K-Tuned fuel rail, and K-Tuned billet shifter box. During the off season a K-Tuned intake manifold coupled with a K-Tuned 90mm throttle body was added. The focus for 2016 was ensuring that there was better flow into, throughout, and exiting the motor. The focus was to make everything as efficient as possible. When you watch the video at the end of this article, pay attention to the shifting. Lightning fast. That is a great combination of the K-Tuned shifter, a well built transmission, and an awesome clutch and flywheel setup. This year James is running an Exedy clutch and the performance is exactly what he was looking for! He could not say enough good things about the performance of his Exedy Hyper Single setup.


While we are right here, you can't miss the attention to detail in the engine bay. For example, the fittings and hoses that provide water flow. This is the kind of work you get from a high performance shop that is doing everything possible to ensure reliability.


In this pic you see Vibrant clamps securing the powder coated intake pipe, braided water lines with aluminum fittings, and everything zip tied into place to ensure that there is no unnecessary wear or premature failure of an otherwise innocent part.


Mechanically OS Giken freshened up the three season old differential and updated it with the latest FWD high horsepower tune. Working with Jackson Racing, the supercharger is a Rotrex c38-91 unit. James has been running this type of Rotrex for two seasons now.


The new K-Tuned K2 ProCircuit two way adjustable shocks corrected the biggest shortcoming of the 2015 season – a car that was simply not planted during high speed corners.


The K2 ProCircuit two way coilovers feature 32 way damping and rebound adjustment. They have remote cannisters and also a proprietary oil designed to maintain viscosity under the abuse that racing provides. Coupled with Swift springs – James is running 22 kg front and 18 kg rear – the car is now set for all of the downforce that the car's aero can provide. There is no question that James was very impressed with his new suspension setup. He was very impressed with how it handled everything from a low speed, bumpy course at TMP, through a smooth Gingerman course, a very fast Road Atlanta, and then bashing off of the curbs and high speed corners at Buttonwillow. From the very first outing at the Grand Prix track at CTMP (Mosport), the K2 ProCircuits have inspired confidence. Working with Professional Awesome, the front downforce became significantly greater at higher speeds. Adding a progressive bumpstop, an inexpensive addition, resulted in the front end working effectively at high and low speeds. Had James just added more spring that would have thrown off low speed action.


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