Terrorizing Time: Integra Type R


Getting enough crankcase breathing on a track driven turbocharged engine is always a challenge. For the Integra, two dash 8 bungs were welded into the valve cover above the baffles to avoid blowing out excessive amounts of oil mist. 
The breather system is plumbed with Earls ultra lite synthetic braided hose. Two dash 8 lines is a decent amount of pressure relief capacity and should help ring seal and avoid any problems with blowing out seals.


The breather hoses lead to an Allstar Performance breather tank with a filter.  The breather tank has a built in drain.  Allstar Performance is a Circle Track supply company. 


Fuel Pressure control is handled by a classic Aeromotive A1000-6 bypass type regulator. It is boost pressure referenced and runs on a straight 1:1 rising ratio with boost. The A1000 is plumbed with dash 6 ports for high power fuel handling and is both gasoline and alcohol compatible. The Aeromotive A1000 is a workhorse industry standard regulator that works great on a large range of engines.


A high flowing Tial Q50 BOV with a V-Band mount helps keep the turbo's compressor out of surge.


To convert the DC2 chassis to modern K engine power, a Hasport EGK1 engine mount kit was used. 


An older style AEM wideband air/fuel ratio gauge gives the driver a quick reference that the air-fuel ratio is ok at a glance without having to rely on a data logging dump. Although this gauge has been superseded by the ultra fast X-series gauges it is still pretty fast and very accurate. 


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