Terrorizing Time: Integra Type R


If you have a good eye then you will have seen that the car began the season with a black diffuser and now has a natural aluminum diffuser. This was built by Russ Bursey from Trackworx. There is nothing quite like the splatter of rubber on the bodywork of a track car!


James has had a side exit exhaust for at least two years. This year the Type R is sporting a rear center exhaust due to the complexity of the rear underside aero package.


The center exit exhaust coupled with the unknown underbody treatment resulted in a very creative exhaust system that pops up into the cabin behind the shifter and then ducks back down again behind the fuel tank. At Gingerman Raceway when it was first used, the first couple of laps were interesting as it heated up and released a torrent of fumes! Fortunately, once it was bedded in all was well.


The APR 250 rear wing is held in place by wing supports that go through the trunk and are mounted on the floor. The spoiler mounted on the trunk is attached to the wing mounts – it assists the wing's effectiveness. ST is Stripping Technologies – you may remember reading about them in the story about John Paul's Datsun 510!


A great feature of the APR 250 wing is the adjustability its underside mounts come with. This allows for fine tuning of the downforce/drag the rear wing produces depending on the race track and conditions.


A closer look at how the custom rear spolier is mounted and the angle of its trailing edge.


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