Tested: 999 Motorsports Supersport Racer!


The mid engine uses a water to air intercooler in the intake manifold plenum with a heat exchanger up front.  This keeps the charge temps nice and cool.
This electric centrifugal water pump circulates the water from the intercooler to the forward heat exchanger.
With the low, high capacity, forward mounted heat exchangers, proper high mounted header tanks are important for getting all the air out of the cooling system.  The engine oil is cooled by a GM Motorsports block mounted water to oil heat exchanger that usues the engine's coolent to keep the oil temp in check.  This means one less heat excanger to plumb and route air to.
The Ecotec is a high tech world class engine with direct cylinder fuel injection, coil on plug ignition, performance sized turbo and variable cam timing.  It is bulletproof and barely stressed in the Supersport.
The Supersport features a perimeter tube frame designed for safety, stiffness and accessibility for easy maintenance.  The carbon fiber canister is the air box.  The driver's compartment, rear brakes, engine air intake and turbo draw cool fresh air from the roof mounted scoop and plenum.
The Supersport runs just fine on cheapo 91 octane unleaded pump gas.  This gas came from some generic super cheap gas station.  Not even a brand name of fuel!  When race gas is at least $12 a gallon, being able to run safely and well on cheap gas is a huge cost savings.

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