Tested: 999 Motorsports Supersport Racer!


The dataport for the RLC dash is easy to reach, good for fast data dumps during pit stops.  The dash on the Supersport is made of carbon.  We were amazed with the quality of construction and the fit and finish of the Supersport.  Anyone who has bought a race car from the UK or any small builder will be amazed at the quality of the Supersport.  It is like a production car builder decided to make a race car!
The fuel cell is located under this extension of the firewall.  The fuel cell is in the most protected part of the car for an extra measure of safety.  It would take talent to get killed in the Supersport.
The rear window is vented to let flow through of air from the roof vents.
Dai is fitted up and ready to go.
The front suspension is unequal length A arms with proper steering rack placement, a tubular anti sway bar with blade adjusters, sturdy stiff spindles with built in venting and a rebound adjustable coilover shock.  Pure race car and all proper geometry, not compromised geometry like you find on even carefully modified production cars.
The stiff uprights have generous bearings for durability and to prevent a mushy brake pedal due to piston knockback.  Integral vents keep the brakes cool.  The Supersport is super easy on tires.  These slicks had over 600 miles on them and still had plenty of rubber left over.  Tires will heatcycle out on the Supersport before they wear out.  The Supersport's tire budget will be lower than any racing sedan!

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