Tested: 999 Motorsports Supersport Racer!


The rear wing mounts are sturdy and centrally located.  This enhances the wing's effectiveness as the ends of the wing are in cleaner air that is less disturbed by the cabin.
The Supersport has a true flat bottom.  This gives a less disturbed airflow to the rear diffuser.  This also has less drag.  The lower belly pan is made of an aluminum polypropylene honeycomb sandwich.  This is a strong stiff and light material.  It is also relatively inexpensive so it can be replaced easily if an off road excursion damages it.
Strong wing mounts are better for aero performance and safety.  A failed wing mount can result in a serious accident.  The rear wing is aggressively sized for the vehicle's dimensions and produces plenty of downforce.
The rear diffuser has a large area and is quite effective due to the car's flat bottom.
A close look at the diffuser tunnel.  Note the sturdy mounts for the diffuser.  Strong mounts are needed due to the downforce the diffuser creates.
The rear suspension is unequal length A arms with fabricated uprights with proper geometry.  The uprights are stiff and strong with a properly sized bearing system for no flex and knockback.  Everything is sturdy and robust.  The rear tubular swaybar has a blade type adjuster.  The axles are stock Cobalt SS.  The rear shocks are adjustable in rebound.

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