Tested: 999 Motorsports Supersport Racer!


This is a complete look at the easily replaceable front module.
Dai and I looking over the car prior to our drive.  The upper roof scoop feeds air into the interior vents, the rear brakes, the turbo and the engine air intake.  The roof like many of the body and interior panels is made of carbon fiber.
This shot shows the clean and tidy layout of the front end module and the front suspension.  The fit and finish of the Supersport is amazing, especially when compared to other production race cars, even expensive ones like Formula Atlantics.
Fender vents serve to reduce pressure build up in the wheelwells.
The front splitter is in two pieces to reduce repair costs and to reduce pitch sensitivity.
The body is firmly held in place with these receiver holes and pegs with quick release latches.  This is a very secure setup and yet still very easy to remove.


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