Tested: 999 Motorsports Supersport Racer!


The Supersport's interior is roomy and comfortable for all sizes of drivers, even the portly can fit nicely.  Ingress and egress is easy with a low threshold, removable steering wheel (with handy hook), sturdy and flat floor and vertical opening doors.
Plenty of generous gusseting in many places helps ensure a strong chassis.  The Supersport is not a superlight car, at 2200 lbs it weighs as much as some production based race cars but is many times stronger in a crash.
The harnesses mount directly to the chassis.
The pedal box is CNC machined out of stiff billet.  The pedal spacing is not awkwardly close like some pedal boxes designed for formula cars.  The dual master cylinders control brake bias through a remotely adjustable balance bar.  The Supersport does not need to be heel and toed during downshifts.
Generous gussets at a major juncture in the tube frame.
The Supersort has a large 10 lb fire suppression system.  The standard shifter is a sequential one but an H pattern one was used for our test as this is what is allowed in NASA's ST class.  A Dog box is optional so a sequential dog box would be super awesome!

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