Tested: 999 Motorsports Supersport Racer!


The rear brakes sport 4 piston Wilwood calipers on 285mm vented rotors.  The brakes are so unstressed that soft non abrasive pads can be used so everything lasts a long time.  The pads and rotors had almost no wear after 600 hard track miles.  The rotor vents are integral with the upright and are fed cool air from the roof scoop and plenum.  You can see the straightforward unequal length A arm suspension. Good suspension geometry here with no weird stuff like bump steer or odd camber curves.
A closer view of the brakes.  Almost no wear after 600 hard miles.  The Wilwood calipers were chosen due to the low cost of brake pads and associated repair parts.  On the Supersport, a set of pads might last a whole season of racing from the looks of this!
The straight center exit lightweight thin wall stainless exhaust system was still pretty quiet.
999 Motorsports could have built the Supersport to be a lot lighter but instead chose to build it strong, durable and safe.  Look at the roof roll over structure.  The Supersport's tube frame is massively overbuilt and the centralized driver seating position gives the driver a lot of protection.  The Supersport is exceptionably safe.
The 999 Motorsports crew fit our test driver, 2011 Formula D and MPTCC Champion Dai Yoshihara to the car.  The Supersport can be quickly adapted to fit a wide range of drivers.  Dai is 5'10″ and around 140 lbs and he fitted the car easily.  One thing is that the seat must be bolted in place to fit a driver and is not on rails.  This could be a big disadvantage in enduros which this car is otherwise very well suited for.
The Supersport has good ergonomics with easy to reach switches and a large RLC dash display.  We are in love with the RLC dash, it has useful datalogging that makes driver coaching and development super easy and the big bright color keyed display is a blessing, especially to those with middle aged eyes.  The seat, belts and steering wheel are all quality OMP parts.

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