Tested: 999 Motorsports Supersport Racer!


The one piece rear section is also quickly removable so full access to all of the rear of the car is just seconds away.  The Supersport is much easier to work on than a production based race car.
The front brakes use six piston Wilwood calipers on a vented 320mm rotor.  Like the rear brakes, the front brakes exhibited little wear after 600 track miles.  The car is super easy on the brakes and soft compound pads with generous venting make sure that everything lasts.  The Wilwood calipers were once again chosen for their super inexpensive brake pads.  The Supersport runs on 18×8″ front and 18×9.5″ rear wheels with 210/650-18 front and 250/650-18 rear slicks.  Low tire, drivetrain and brake wear with the ability to run cheap pump gas will make the Supersport amazingly cheap to operate.
Fully functional headlights make the Supersport a natural for endurance racing.  With its low wear of brakes and tires, combined with its lightly stressed powertrain the Supersport would be a sweet car for the 25 hours of Thunderhill!
The Supersport has love it or hate it looks.  It sort of looks like an EVO X with a few feet chopped out of the middle.  It has the proportions of an Acura RSX.  The car looks mean but kind of stubby.  A high roof line was designed so the car would be comfortable for a large range of drivers.  In the future the Supersport will have several optional body configurations and aero kits to give the buyer the ability to change the looks quite a bit.  We wish 999 Motorsports could make a small cabin low roof version of the Supersport so it would look like an ALMS car.  We would buy something like that for sure!
The Supersport gets a lot of grip from its aerodynamic package.  It probably has a little too much downforce for the amount of power which is the cars design intent, making it very easy to drive for drivers of moderate skill.
Despite its stubbyness, the Supersport looks mean and purposeful.


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