Turbocharging the Nissan MR20DD Engine, Part 4, The Turbo System

To clear with plenty of room and to give the best flow for the space, we used a Cobra Head silicone coupler from Treadstone for the turbo compressor inlet.

The Cobra head has extra flow volume at its apex for super tight radius bends.  It is a good trick where you need to have a tight turn with minimal pressure drop.  The Treadstone part is made with about six plies and is really stiff so you do not have to worry about the compressor suction collapsing it.

You can see how tightly the cobra head hugs the compressor housing.  A conventional tight 90-degree bend could rub against the frame rail and get a hole in it over time and the cobra head probably flows better in this situation.

For additional corrosion resistance, Zach had his plater put an OEM-like yellow chromate finish over the turbo bracket as a nice stock-looking touch.  Zach has a lot of experience doing frame-up restorations on rare Japanese cars and that attention to detail shows.


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