Turbocharging the Nissan MR20DD Engine, Part 4, The Turbo System

Here is a close-up of how our drain fitting has to bend to give generous clearance to all parts.  This also includes wrench clearance to parts of the turbo.  No one is going to be excessively swearing working on our system!

Next our turbo engine, we needed more fuel.  Our engine management system is going to be a plug-and-play Motec from a Sentra Cup racecar.  The Motec easily has the ability to map and drive our additional injectors.  The issue is we had to figure out how to mount them.  Normally we would weld bungs for the injectors and mounts for a top feed rail into the intake manifold but with the MR20’s plastic intake manifold, that was not going to happen.  There was not time or budget to make a bespoke intake manifold either.

Fortunately, our friends at Jim Wolf Technology bailed us out by coming up with an injector mount spacer.  The spacer would contain the top feed injectors and the mounts for their fuel rail.  Jim Wolf designed the spacer in CAD and then 3D printed several iterations to make the plate as thin as possible while still allowing a good angle for the injector spray pattern.

For injectors, Bosch Motorsports EV14 340cc/min injectors were used to add the additional fuel that turbocharging demanded.  We think that having dual injectors is pretty cool, direct injection for inter-cylinder cooling and port injection to reduce charge air temps and to keep the intake valves and ports clean!

After the 3D-printed design was finalized, JWT did the final version, CNC machining it out of aluminum billet.


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