World Time Attack Challenge 2011: Day 2- Friday Competition


Scorch Racing’s S15 is currently in 7th place with a 1:32.4250.


The Open Class cars DO NOT require cages, but it is highly suggested.  The leaders in this class are in the 1:35’s.


Open Class Specific Rules


  • All convertible type vehicles must be equipped with a roll cage that complies with CAMS Regulations for Speed Events, and/or meets the approval of the Chief Scrutineer.
  • Carbon fibre and other lightweight bodies are allowed, all bodies must still retain the OEM factory body look and style.
  • OEM Glass front screen must be retained. All other windows may be replaced with lexan etc.


  • OEM strut towers must be retained and used.
  • OEM floor must be retained.
  • OEM firewall must be retained. Modifications to the firewall are allowed for roll cage, engine fitment, transmission fitment and wiring. All holes must be sealed. If the firewall is provisioned for to allow clearance for a different engine or allow gearbox/drive train fitment, all material must be replaced with the same thickness sheet metal as the factory material.
  • The rear most part of the engine block may be no more than 2 inches rearward of the most forward point of the firewall, If the vehicle is rear engine, the front most part of the engine block may be no more than 2 inches forward of the most rear point of the firewall.
  • Chassis rails may be modified for fitment issues, all chassis rail modifications must be submitted to the promoter for approval.
  • Tube frame chassis extensions are NOT permitted.


  • Vehicles are not required to be fitted with a roll cage, however it is recommended. If a roll cage is fitted it must comply with Schedule J of CAMS General Requirements for Cars and Drivers, in the CAMS Manual for Motorsport.
  • Roll Cages may pass through the firewall. The firewall must be sealed.


  • Aerodynamic aids are unrestricted with the exception of cars utilizing mechanical force to create a low pressure area under the vehicle.


  • Nitrous systems are not permitted.
  • Leaded fuels are not permitted.
  • Methanol is not permitted.
  • Vehicles fitted with sideways or rearward-facing exhaust outlets. If rearwards, the outlet/s shall be between 100mm and 450mm above the ground and shall not protrude more than 150mm beyond the rearmost portion of the vehicle. If directed sideways, the outlet/s must be located rearward of the midpoint of the wheelbase. In any case, they shall not project beyond the maximum width of coachwork or terminate more than 50mm within the plan view of the adjacent coachwork. 


  • OEM suspension design must be retained.


  • All vehicles must be equipped with a full length dashboard.



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