World Time Attack Challenge 2011: Day 2- Friday Competition


Garth Walden and the Tilton Interiors Evo are having a strong showing and are currently sitting in 4th place.


Obviously the Pro Class is reserved for teams who have strong financial backing, but it is awesome to see that the WTAC team has not forgetten about the grassroot racers.  The Clubsprint and Open classes are the perfect opportunity for up and coming teams and drivers to show off their skills in front of a world wide audience.  Again, hats off to the WTAC team – you guys are definitely doing it right!


For a second I thought this was the GST team when I saw them unloading the car!  The Hankook Australia WRX is still shaking things down and are only one position away from being in the top 10.  It would have been awesome to see these guys battling it out with GST- there’s always next year.


Everyone was running to the hot pit area to try to find out where the smoke show was coming from. 



Unfortunately it was the GT Auto Garage R35 GTR that caught fire.  We’re not sure on the extent of the damage or exactly what happened, but we hope to see them back out tomorrow. 

Thank you to David Lysien of the WTAC team for the pic – our cameras were nowhere near the pits when this went down.


Car “looked” good on the track, but it wasn’t putting down times worth writing home about.  Their best time was a 1:37.8760.


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