Z-Fest: Datsun Eye Candy


The care and attention that is evident in this engine bay demonstrates a love of automotive history. I daresay it is better than it looked forty years ago on the showroom floor!
The majority of these cars were driven to and from Z Fest. Obviously by owners who are meticulous in their maintenance routines. This Z demonstrates an awesome intake setup.
I believe the silver Z, second from the right, brought home second in the stock 240Z category.
There will not be much text – join me as we walk around the cars, airplanes buzzing overhead, and historic warplanes in the hanger right in front of us. I really enjoy the 240Z. Unlike the U.S., here in Canada we pronounce the Z as Zed. Since I am Canadian, please mentally insert Zed into your mind as you say or think Z car while looking at this article.
Twin rad fans and a heat shield to protect the intake from the heat produced by the header set off this engine bay. I'm pretty sure that some of the emission controls that were added in 1973 have been removed from this car.
Just like the spectator wearing modern Croc's, this car is sporting modern performance rubber. Few Z cars still sport their original sized tires – 175's may have worked in 1973 but wider is better and common practice now. This 1973 240Z still retains the safety bumpers that were required for the North American market.

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