Z-Fest: Datsun Eye Candy


Next to the 240Z, there is just something about the 300Z that I am drawn too. It must be the lines of the car – I simply think it is a beautiful car. This 1996 Twin Turbo is absolutely a Green Machine!
The 1991 300ZXTT was 300 HP off the showroom floor – up about 80 HP over the NA version.
There is absolutely more than 300 HP in the engine of this Twin Turbo 300ZX.
The Twin Turbo Z was and is an amazing car. I still want to buy a factory twin turbo – maybe that's why my wife wanted me to move along and go look at the historic planes!
A lot of great looking cars! When a manufacturer doesn't design the rear of the car well, they lose out on sales.
All participants had an opportunity to participate in a photo shoot with themselves and their car along with a fighter jet. I think that may have been where the blue Z was heading.

Here's Jason's Award of Distinction 300ZX with the fighter.

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