Z-Fest: Datsun Eye Candy


Wow! This is the one that I want in my collection. It is simply beautiful. Classic wheels and beautiful paint! And the colour is outstanding!
Front, side, or rear – the lines of these cars are simply gorgeous. With or without bumpers – but my personal perference is without!
Classic white with beautiful wheels. Beautiful! Datsun aggressively priced this car for the 70's marketplace and it sold well. That a 240Z won the East African Safari Rally in 1973 was another highlight for this emerging sports car!
This model sports a more aggressive stance and is a great project under works. You have to appreciate that Z Fest is for cars at all condition levels. The driver's front may need a bit of work still, but I love the wheels and fender flares. This is a driver's car!

Many of the Z cars present were stock and original in every aspect. Others have experienced tasteful modifications which gained the approval of Yutaka Katayama – evidenced by the personal signature on Rick Scott's red Datsun 240Z, located just past the pristine white example. BTW, I love white cars and could happily find a place to house this Z.

Rick told me that when he met Mr. K. at a show, that Mr. K had a supply of markers in virtually every colour. He was ready to autograph 'his car' and be sure that it was visible for all to see! I love when car company executives are passionate about their cars!

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