Z-Fest: Datsun Eye Candy


I apologize to all of the purists out there, but Datsun/Nissan lost me with this version of the Z car. The lines of the Z31 simply don't inspire me. Sorry!
As a 1984 model the 300ZX came out in the midst of the head office's identity crisis, with the car bearing both the Datsun and the Nissan badges.
I may not be impressed by the aesthetics of this era, but I love this engine bay. It is incredible. This 1988 Nissan 300ZX was completely disassembled and restored, with significant work done to improve performance. Custom intercooler piping and a modified T3/T4 hybrid turbo on a swapped higher compression non-turbo motor are some of the highlights.
The Z32 chassis has been described as overweight by some, but I think Nissan got it right in the looks department. It's a look that defies time. First produced in 1989 it was discontinued in North America in 1996 and production ended in Japan in 2000.
That is an aggressive front – the red pinstripe is complimented by red calipers and red lug nuts.

Jason Okolisan's naturally aspirated 1995 300ZX 2+2 took home the award of distinction. Multiple award winning cars are retired from competition, which is judged by the audience. They are then entered into formal judging and this white beauty took home top honours. Pic courtesy of Jason Okolisan.

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