Z-Fest: Datsun Eye Candy


The 350Z marked the return of Nissan to the sports car market and this was welcomed across the world. Nissan's return to sports cars was certainly a move in the right direction and this is a car that I love to drive. Ironically, I have not owned one yet!

With a huge range of 350Z's for our viewing pleasure, we had the choice of colour and type of modifications.
Want a Stillen SuperCharger on your beautiful orange 2003 350Z?
Or would you prefer your Stillen SuperCharger to be contained in a tastefully appointed silver Z?

If you were wondering what was wrapped around that Stillen SuperCharger, here's the silver wrap. As I said, very tasteful!

I love pride of ownership, honesty, and humour! This car was marketed as the dirtiest Z at Z Fest. It's a true daily driver that is used well and loved well!

Here's another Z that I really want to own. The Nismo Z is simply beautiful.

The styling just makes this car look aggressive.
The 370Zs were not as extreme in their modifications … yet!

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