Z-Fest: Datsun Eye Candy


This was not a closed event (mind you, I was not allowed to bring my RX8 onto the show floor!) and there was a class for Infiniti owners and Datsun/Nissan owers of non-Z cars as well.
Unfortunately, I arrived after another of my favourite cars – the Nissan Figaro – had already left the grounds. The Figaro has a retractable top and is a very cool car. Fortunately, Jason captured a great picture of the Figaro and a couple of 510s. Pic courtesy of Jason Okolisan.
There was an awesome 140Y still hanging out. This was typically known as a B210 in North America.
A look inside reveals a driver's car – from the pedals to the tach to the GPS. This car is driven!
I really like the fit and appearance of these wheels and tires. The driving lights are also a very nice touch.
A huge thanks to the Ontario Z Car Owners Association for hosting this excellent show. This is the first time it has been held at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum near Hamilton. With this location you have the grounds to grow even faster than at previous locations. Plus there were some very cool planes to see!



Ontario Z Car Owners Association

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum

Brantford Nissan

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