Z-Fest: Datsun Eye Candy


I've shared the track with Rick and he's a great driver. It  was in another Z car that he owns – a dedicated track only beast.

I can only imagine the time and money that has gone into this beautiful car. Even though green, white, or blue are my preferred colour choices, given the chance I'd still get this red one!

Rick has worked on Datsuns and Nissans for eons. When I first got into upgrading my Nissan fifteen years ago, a local dealership advised me to contact Rick at Brantford Nissan. When you look at this engine bay, you can see why!
Do not mistake this for a garage queen. This car is driven and it has all of the creature comforts that you would want. At least, all of the creature comforts that an individual who loves seventies sports cars would want.
260Z, 280Z, and 300Z's followed the 240 off of the assembly line. At the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum the Ontario Z Cars Owners Association had the neatly lined up in grid formation, making it easy to compare identical models, stock equipment, and modified machines.

The 260Z came with greater displacement in 1974. The longer stroke gave this engine more power in all markets except North America, where emission controls strangled the output. The 1974.5 model arrived with a more respectable 165 horsepower and the 5 mph safety bumpers. Pictured above are some 280ZX turbo models.

With another displacement bump came another name change, the 280Z. This increase in displacement was accomplished by an increased bore, resulting in a displacement of 2753 cc.

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