A Lapping Day Pictorial


Looking up the track at Turn Six and Turn Seven. In momentum cars you barely even notice these corners. In horsepower cars, they take on an entirely different meaning. Pic by Author.
Turn 7 just adds to the excitement of the Andretti Straight! Pic by author.
Turn 8 is a 100 mph plus corner – when you are ready. Pic by author.
The track is empty as it is early morning and the sun is just rising in the east, making turn nine challenging to see. Turn Ten is off to the left and leads onto the front straight.
Turn Ten leads onto the front straight. My good friend, John Dattomo, leads us through Ten and onto the front straight is his fully caged Mazda Miata with a 1.8 litre naturally aspirated engine. Pic by author.
This pic is looking at Ten from the other side, with the Esses or Turn Nine in the background. Pic by author.
While it may look like there is a ton of room here at Turn One, this corner is my challenge. There is room and there is no room, all at the same time. Pit Out is visible also. Pic by author. Please note: the last three pics are not from my personal lapping day, but show the corners better than what I have from my lapping event.

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