A Lapping Day Pictorial


The sound of Nascar at a lapping day is a very strong possibility. L-P Dumoulin's practice sessions were rained out so he and his team joined me so they could get their car set up for an upcoming road course event at CTMP. L-P placed fourth. If I would have not interrupted them with my chatter, maybe they would have placed higher! L-P, we wish you best of luck for the rest of the season!
Ford GT40 at the top of Turn Two. Do I need to say anything else? Perhaps I should mention that it is also known as Clayton Corner.
I was not joking when I said the Grand Cherokee SRT8 was out on the track. Here is a second one. Ian, the owner, called me up a few years ago and told me about his racing experience a few decades earlier. I hooked him up with an instructor and the smile on his face was incredible. Unfortunately, Ian lost his battle with cancer this past winter. He was a gentleman and a true enthusiast.
What you cannot tell from this picture is that as you enter Turn Five it is so steep that even if you are in great shape you are going to feel it as you walk up it during a track walk. That helps with the incredible braking that is required to arrest your car's speed for this corner, known as Moss Corner. Turn Five now has the run-off area fully paved.
I have seen almost every colour of Corvette out at the track, but black is by far the dominant colour. Here is a beautiful example of a Corvette in action.
There is no need to identify this car. The billboard is doing it for me! I have driven a 911 around this track and it was incredible. I had to give the keys back after three or five laps because I knew I was going to get myself in trouble. It just wanted to be driven!
Any guesses as to who is passing who as a purpose built Camaro and the Porsche head up Andretti Straight.


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