A Lapping Day Pictorial


This Toyota Echo is a nicely modified car that is awesome on the track. It is able to just fly around the corners.
The Echo is towed to the track by this Jeep SRT8. When the owner feels the need for a bit more power, the SRT8 is pressed into service. This is a powerful and civil track vehicle – and many enthusiasts have wondered about their car and their driving when they have been passed by an SUV!
Vic Simone, from Simone Performance in Newmarket, has this beautiful Infiniti G35 that he is currently taking through Turn Five with Four in the background. As you can see with the window net, this car is set up for track use only and primarily raced with CASC-OR. It has a stock pro charger that puts out 385 whp at 8 lbs of boost. It  has a Selex suspension.
Behind or in front of that track car you may find a street car being hustled through the corners! This VW has a unique track tow bar on the back – dual purpose. The track tow truck can hook on easily and it can also haul a small trailer with track tires. Ideally, hitches should be removed for track use.
Perhaps you will be at a blind corner, hearing some awesome engine sounds, and an Audi R8 bursts into sight being chased by a Hennessey Viper. That is simply spectacular!
There is something wrong in the universe if you do not see a Honda S2000 or a Mini out on the track. Here my good friend Mike leads the way in his Honda S2000. Mike and I met at the track years ago – he was driving a Hyundai Tiburon (which he still has) and I was in my Nissan NX1600 that had the original GA16 drivetrain.

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