A Lapping Day Pictorial


There is nothing like seeing a classic sports car out on the track. I have not owned a Z car yet, but I caught the bug as a young teenager dying to get my driver's licence when one of my best friend's big brother bought an almost new Datsun 240Z (we say Zed here in Canada). This 240Z is a beautifully maintained example of this classic car.
This may be followed by two more classic Z cars. These have obviously undergone a lot of preparation for use on the track and it is wonderful to see these cars being utilized in the manner that was intended.
Coming through Turn Three is a twin turbo'd 350Z that is wonderfully prepared for track use and can be driven back and forth to the track.
This 350Z is a Show winner that also likes to experience an adrenaline rush. I am not sure if my hand, as I am sitting shotgun, is giving directions for the next corner or reaching for something to grasp for dear life as this twin turbo'd, fully built and tuned engine, accelerates through the corner and heads for the straight!
Nissan also had the 240SX and this is another wonderfully built, turbo-charged example of an amazing Nissan road car that is blistering fast on the track. It has an SR20DET powerplant.
Saying that it corners on rails is an understatmeent. The aero is a perfect fit for the body. In the background is Scott Murfin with his 240SX before John Dattomo painted it white. At that time it had a KA24 engine, which was later upgraded to an SR20DET.
A page of Nissan's would not be complete without Godzilla. I have had a number of excellent examples of the Nissan GTR out at my events – including some older right hand drive classics.

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