A Lapping Day Pictorial


If you thought that you were going to go through an article without me mentioning Nissan NX's, then you do not know me as well as you thought. Here is a page devoted to my favourite car.


Jeff's Nissan NX2000 is one of the best handling cars I have driven. It has a Koni 8611 suspension, SR20DE engine, and will run all day long which was Jeff's focus. To do this he upgraded the stock oil pump with one from an SR16VE, main bearings provide 360 degree oiling, and a crank scraper to keep oil in the sump.
Custom aero helps keep this car planted and putting the power down at every corner.
Woj no longer owns this SR20VE powered NX2000. He and I were bidding on a set of Koni 8611s without knowing it. I stopped participating in the auction when I realized it was against my friend and he had made the first bid. I did however manage to get the custom made front lower control arms that Woj had on this car. They make quite a difference.
Jason's NX2000, also SR20VE powered, has also found a new home. He simply had too many cars to fit in his garage.
And so has Greg's NX2000 that was also set up with a VE engine and a Koni  8611 suspension. I really should have bought this car! You may never have seen an NX before, but I have had a half dozen on the track at the same time.
You have seen my NX1600 before. Richard took this shot through the trees trackside. I love the effect! The modification list is too extensive to list here, but if you have not read about it then do a search here on MotoIQ. There are a few articles that will tell you almost everything.

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