A Lapping Day Pictorial


Mike's Hyundai Genesis is a serious looking machine. It is a 2010 3.8 litre with HSD coilovers, Whiteline swaybars and is running Hankook RS3s mounted on Enkei RFP1s.
How I wish I was the marshal watching Bruce in the Henessey Viper versus Jonathan in the heavily modified Nissan 240SX. America versus Japan? Nope, just a fun afternoon at the track. It does not matter where they were built. They are both beautiful cars.
Jim's turbocharged rotary RX7 was always beautiful to listen to on the track. There is nothing like a rotary, boosted, screaming to the red line. And after listening then Jim's RX7 would burst into view around the corner. It is a sight to see also. Jim has sold this car to another enthusiast.
You might see a couple of Honda S2000s battle with themselves as a Porsche Turbo flys by, minding its own business.

Watching two Porsches – a GT3 and a Turbo – battle it out is always a great way to spend an afternoon.
Unless you have an opportunity to watch a Porsche battle with a GTR that is.

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