A Lapping Day Pictorial


Or a GTR and a Radical! When your Hennessey Viper simply cannot give you enough, then it is time to get a Radical. Bruce's Radical SR8 has twin Hyabusa engines mated into a 2.8l V8 driving a Hewland transaxle. With baffle upgrades the engine produces 403 horsepower on a curb weight of about 1300 pounds. This creates an interesting, extremely fast aero based car, easily pulling 2 G's in corners.
A Ferrari 16M Spider is enough to make your jaw drop. Seeing Mike take it at speed around the track – speechless.
Your car may be a sub-compact like a Honda Fit. Do not despair because you can head for the track and be smiling from ear to ear.

These pictures have all been taken by Richard Wintle over the past four years – unless otherwise indicated. There are so many cool cars. Many of these cars are more at home on the track than on the street, but common sense must prevail. If you cannot afford your car, then do not take it on the track. If the folks that you are driving with do not respect themselves or you, then do not take it onto the track. It does not matter if your car cost $2000 or $200000, if you cannot repair it if something catastrophic goes wrong, then leave it at home in the garage.

I do not have the time to show them all, but there is always something interesting at MotoIQ.com. I hope you have enjoyed this pictorial. Huge thanks to Richard Wintle. Next year we will get out in my car – I promise!


Richard Wintle, catching a shot of Andrew's Radical SR3 that he was breaking in on May 5, 2014. I borrowed one of Richard's cameras and took this picture.


Canadian Tire Motorsport Park

Richard Wintle

Frank Ewald



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