Formula 1 USGP 2012



USGP United States Grand Prix 2012 Turn 1 Turn 18 hospitality view

From our suite you could see Turn 1 clearly.   I think we were all surprised to see everyone make it through the start without drama.


Michael Schumacher Mercedes GP Turn 16 17 18 United States Grand Prix USGP F1
Looking to our left, as he comes out of Turn 16 and 17, 7-time world-champion Michael Schumacher takes the multi-apex turn at speeds exceeding 150mph in his AMG Mercedes GP car.  He's popular in the USA, having won 5 of the 8 USGP's at Indy (well, 6 if you count the one he gave Barrichello in 2005 at the finish line). 
He's also a big fan of the U.S. himself, including for the fact that he rarely gets recognized.  And he liked Texas so much this weekend he bought a 500-acre ranch.  Hey, when your income used to top $100M/year you can do that kind of stuff.
Sadly, this is the last season of his career, and it ends in Brazil next weekend (Brazil gets everything over the next couple of years–World Cup, Olympics, F1 season finale–throw us a bone over here!).


Lewis Hamilton Mclaren mercedes  F1 Formula One Turn 18 turn 17 turn 16 USGP united states grand prix austin texas

Here's our winner of the day, Lewis Hamilton of Great Britian.  Coincidentally he was also the winner of the last USGP in Indianapolis held back in 2007.


Turn 1 united states grand prix USGP view from Turn 18 19 turn 1 suites
Leaving the suite, I went to check out Turn 1.  Boy, what a walk.  This is a view from near the entrance, and still 4 hours before the race.   Check out how packed the general admission green space already is. 


Sebastian Vettel pits paddock USGP united states grand prix 2012
On my way, I stopped by the front straight, where they reach speeds of nearly 190 mph before braking.  With these seats you catch all the pit action.  Here's the pit of Red Bull Racing's Sebastian Vettel, from Germany, the current back-to-back world champion and points leader this year.  


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