Formula 1 USGP 2012


Collective Soul rock music USGP United states grand prix
COTA also hosts a 15,000 person capacity amphitheater, which also happened to be situated right behind our hospitality area, just past the observation tower.  We could hear the music clearly from our seats.  Pictured here is Collective Soul rockin' the house.  Aerosmith also played downtown on Friday.


Nico Hulkenberg Force India USGP united states grand prix turn 17 turn 18
I just like the looks of the Force India car of Nico Hulkenberg, who had a good finish, taking the eighth spot.  Not bad for what used to be Team Jordan, Midland and Spyker F1—all formerly back-of-the-pack teams.  Keep your eye on him for 2013. 


Sebastian vettel waive USGP united states grand prix red bull racing
I have a feeling this is what we'll be seeing a lot of next weekend—a waving Sebastian Vettelas he gets crowned 2012 World Champion at the Brazilian GP.  Here in the U.S., Red Bull clinched the Manufacturer's Championship.  For the Driver's Championship next week we'll see what Alonso and Ferrari can come up with.  For Ferrari, it would be a huge surprise to win, given their pre-season prediction of not being competitive for 2012.  Both drivers are chasing a third world title.  


US Grand Prix andy gilliland pablo mazlumian kyle mclarney michelle beaver turn 18 hospitality james patton
A big thanks to my Austin friends and hosts, Andy and Michelle (who didn't get the memo), as well as Kyle.  It was a stellar weekend.  Hey! That's James Patton, formerly of the Buffalo Bills off to the left, too.  He was scared to arm wrestle.  


That's the end of my USGP 2012 experience.  Check out the next couple of pages if you want to see what else I saw, some of which I found, well, interesting…


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