Formula 1 USGP 2012


 You know you're at the USGP when…


USGP truck for sale
Only at the USGP—With nearly 300,000 people making it to the track, I'd say he's got a chance…maybe.  (and I missed the opportunity to show you the “Parking $50” piece of torn cardboard in the lot just before this!)




 USGP BBQ Burritos in USGP
Only at the USGP—Barbeque……and Burritos (with an “s” missing on the Burrito sign?).



 United States Grand Prix ground thorns bushes
Only at the USGP—we all know F1 is nuts about driver safety, but this year we're thankful they've upped the ante for its spectators: Security? Check.  High impact fences and guardrails? Check.  Should someone trip, thorny bushes to turn our giddy faces into Swiss cheese? Check.  (Seriously, anyone else see a problem with this?)
Austin skyline USGP united states grand prix
Only at the USGP—you see Austin, Texas in the background.


USGP john deere
Only at the USGP—”Honey..Honey..Honey..listen..WHY would you pack me a John Deere hat for an F1 race? Everyone wears Corona hats around here...” 


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