Formula 1 USGP 2012



Wonder Boy wunderkind USGP United States Grand Prix
Only at the USGP—Sebastian Vettel is Germany's “wunderkind”, and we've got this guy.  Hey, at least he's not wearing Gel Asics wrestling shoes to make them look like driving shoes (guilty right here). 


Bugatti Veyron USGP united states Grand prix F1
Only at the USGP—do you see the SUV-versus-passenger car ratio this drastic.  I like the color—maybe the owner likes the Long Horns? (okay, I just needed an excuse to put in a picture of the $2M, 254mph Bugatti Veyron).



Bat in Turn 18 hospitality
See that little black dot on the ceiling?  Only at the USGP–can hospitality guests mind their own business……not noticing the bat that's about to drop a pellet in their drink.  Anyone ever see “Contagion??”


Fernando Alonso Ferrari GP hat USGP united states grand prix




“Dude, where's my car?” It would appear that, in order to clinch the championship next week, Alonso and his Ferrari will have to perform head-and-shoulders above the rest.  (padump psh!)



joggers turn 1 US Grand Prix USGP
Only at the USGP—In other countries, after a race people leave and have dinner and drinks.  I, too, was exhausted.  We all know Austin is a young, fit town, but come on!  This was the lowest point of our weekend from our seats–at least have a gender mix in there. 


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