Formula 1 USGP 2012



USGP Turn 1 United States grand prix view from front straight start finish
This is Turn 1, already becoming famous for its 133 feet of elevation change, which doesn't sound like much until you see it in person.  From a distance, it appeared these guys were braking way later than the 150-foot marker, thanks to the uphill banking and wide exit, giving plenty of room should one over cook his braking point.  Still, from 188 mph, that's ludicrous.  


USGP Turn 20 view from Turn 1 start finish United States Grand Prix
A view of Turn 20 from the nose-bleed section…


Turn 1 view USGP united states grand prix
From Turn 1 you've got a great vantage point to see the cars reach the top of the 133 foot hill.  The only thing you can't see well is the heavy braking, unless you're in the suites behind me (buy those!).  Notice we at MIQ are mapping the best stops for all of you next year–what we won't do for our readers! 


USGP us grand prix u.s. turn 1 view
If you walk part-way down from Turn 1, you have a view of several turns on the track, including the obvious Turn 20 on your left (and some pit action) and Turn 1 on your right.  Also, you see Turn 2 (see M. Schumacher there), Turn 16 (that's Lewis Hamilton coming toward us), and then slightly behind you can see cars zip out of Turn 14 and off the straight, and even behind that braking into Turn 12.  You also have a nice large TV screen.  Lastly, it's not as noisy here.  Good spot.  


USGP observation tower united states grand prix
A shot of the observation tower, as seen from Turn 1, which sat right behind our hospitality suite.  For $35, anyone could go up for 10 minutes throughout the weekend.  You could either wait in line for the elevator or sprint up the stairs, which I did twice on Sunday and am still feeling it.  The passes were included with our tickets and no lines for us!


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