Formula 1 USGP 2012



University of Texas longhorns USGP united states grand prix
Only at the USGP—I wish I had a field trip to the USGP!  Teacher!!!  (Do I really have to wear this?)


Hummer H1 USGP united states grand pric
Only at the USGP—are the cows big enough to bend some real steel


Mexicans Sergio Perez US GRand Prix USGP wrestler costume F1 fans
Only at the USGP–hmm…I'm not sure how to caption this one.  Are there lots of wrestlers in Texas?  Anyone bother telling them that Sergio Perez does not drive for Scuderia Torro Rosso?  I'm just asking (maybe the bag has the missing “S” from the burrito store)!


Pablo Mazlumian USGP united states grand prix
Only at the USGP–do I end up looking like this after asking my hosts,  “hey, so what sorts of stuff do you do after a race?”  Actually, one said they wanted to jog on the track.


And that's the end!  Thanks for reading and try and make it to the USGP next year.  It will surely be one of Amerca's best events, and you'll be glad you went!  



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