Formula 1 USGP 2012



view from observation tower US Grand Prix austin texas united states GP
Standing over 250 feet high, let's just say this brought a whole new element to the weekend.  I did not have an easy time up there and, yes, my steps were very small and my knees buckled several times. This is a view of the whole east side of the track.  The race was actually going on at this moment.


US Grand Prix turns 6,7,8,9,10 united states GP view from observation tower
East side of the track zoomed in, right after the Senna esses, Turns 6-10.


USGP united states grand prix observation tower turn 18 hospitality suite
Looking through the transparent surface, I see our hospitality suite directly below us.  Great, so if someone falls through here they'll land right in my caviar.  I don't think readers can appreciate how dizzy with vertigo I was at this point. 


Turn one 1 view from observation tower USGP united states grand prix Michael Schumacher
Turn 1 doesn't look so high from up here, as we see Schumacher exit the turn.


lewis hamilton sebastian vettel turn 15 USGP united states grand prix
This is pretty much how the race finished, with Lewis Hamilton squeaking by points-leader Vettel.  This keeps Alonso's championship hopes alive for next week's finale. 


Michael schumacher Mercedes GP US Grand Prix USGP turn 18 observation tower
My personal farewell to the F1 Master, Michael Schumacher.  Thank you for years of fun viewing and inspiration, I am honored to have witnessed such talent. 


USGP united states grand prix girl schumacher ferrari tatoo
I think she'll be sad Michael is retiring, too.  I wonder if she realizes she'd be worth more had she had the tattoo artist include the Marlboro livery on the chassis and wings.


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