Holley LS Fest West 2022 Drift Challenge

Alex finished strongly and we thought he had an easy win but somehow the judges made it one more time!

On the OMT battle, Cleetus led out with Alex close behind.

Cletus had a decent lead run with a good line but was slightly lacking angle, speed, and style.

Alex kept great proximity while matching Cleetus move for move in a very strong follow.

In the lead, Alex drove well, out angling Cleetus in his lead run. It’s hard to believe this car is near stock but we tech inspect it at every event and swear it is!

Cleetus ran his best follow of the event but was still somewhat short on angle and line.

Cleetus’s follow was still not anywhere as good as Alex’s so finally Alex advances!

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  1. Looks like there’s about a 25% increase in Corvettes in drifting each year. Can’t blame them. Other than the transaxle being hard to work on, they’re a great paltform.

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