Holley LS Fest West 2022 Drift Challenge

The last battle of the final four was Evan Bogovich vs Blaze Potts.  As good as Blaze is, we predicted a seal clubbing for him against Evan’s Pro-Spec car.

Blaze drove well but a super old Pro Car is no match for a modern top Pro-Spec car.

Blaze had a good line and decent angle considering, but very little smoke or snap which hurt his style points.  His car was not that fast so Even was on him easily in the chase.

In the lead Even said bye-bye and checked out opening up a huge gap for the win and advancing to the final battle against Rome while Blaze went to the third-place battle against Alec Robbins.

In the battle for 3rd, Alec drove away easily with more speed, angle, and style. Blaze cut the gap down some by running shallow but this is no way to get points from the judges.

You can see the super shallow line and angle by Blaze in the chase here.

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  1. Looks like there’s about a 25% increase in Corvettes in drifting each year. Can’t blame them. Other than the transaxle being hard to work on, they’re a great paltform.

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