Holley LS Fest West 2022 Drift Challenge

On the other side of the ladder, the first battle was one of our favorites, Pro-Spec driver Adam Knapk driving his trusty S13.  Adam has been competing with and developing this car for years. Little known secret, Adam is a great grip driver and actually raced this very car in our MPTCC road racing series back in the day.  In the other corner was Evan Brogovich driving Odi Bakchis’s S14 which Odi has detuned and prepped for Pro-Spec class.  Odi’s car is highly developed and super well prepped.

Adam had a great lead run forcing Even to run a shallow line to maintain proximity.

Even had a great lead run speeding away, forcing Adam to shallow up to maintain proximity.

However, Even ended up being even faster and opened up a large gap getting the win to advance to the great 8.

The next battle was Justin Chestnut vs Blake Olson.  In the first battle, Justin Dominated, and Blake shut down for some reason with an incomplete run.

In the next run, Justin had a better lead and opened up a gap but hit the wall for an incomplete run giving the judges an interesting decision with both drivers having incomplete runs.  The judges decided to let Blake advance to the great 8.

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  1. Looks like there’s about a 25% increase in Corvettes in drifting each year. Can’t blame them. Other than the transaxle being hard to work on, they’re a great paltform.

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