Holley LS Fest West 2022 Drift Challenge

The first battle of the great 8 was Amanda vs Rome.  A Pro-Spec car vs a Pro 1 car.  Not quite clubbing seals but still, a Pro 1 car is a pretty big advantage here.

Amanda drove well with good line, angle, throttle commitment, and smoke.

Rome stuck to her like glue and advanced through the strength of his follow run.

Next was the battle of the similar names Alec and Alex. With his almost stock Vette Alex had a super solid lead run.

With his powerful and grippy Pro 1 car, Alec was on Alex like glue with an awesome follow.

Alec was really bringing it in the follow with probably the best follow run of the day!

Alec also had a solid lead and took the win due to the strength of his follow run.  Alex continues to impress, imagine what he could do with big power!

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  1. Looks like there’s about a 25% increase in Corvettes in drifting each year. Can’t blame them. Other than the transaxle being hard to work on, they’re a great paltform.

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