How To Wrap Your Car with Skyprint Media, 3M and Lamin-x


Alex uses these magnetic things to hold the film in place until he decides where it should be placed on the car. The magnets make installation a whole lot easier.

Once the film is in place Alex roughly shapes the film by cutting out the outline and cut outs for the windows, leaving plenty of extra for the edges.

Once the roughing is done, Alex peeled off the backing paper and started to lay the film down.  Alex used a torch carefully to make the film tacky at an anchor point. From this point he would work the film from end to end, working out bubbles and wrinkles with a squeegee and light stretching.

A light pull to get the wrinkles out.

Alex then works the sqeegee getting the film down. Controltac makes a big difference here. 3M Scotchpint has another feature that makes this easy. The adhesive has really small air channels in it that help evacuate the air from under the film making it easy to get bubbles out.

Alex works the film around the edges of the panel and door openings.  You can see the film turning into a second skin.

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