How To Wrap Your Car with Skyprint Media, 3M and Lamin-x


Alex trims the edges and presses them down hard to activate the adhesive through the Controltac.

The edges of the film around windows and doors are cut slightly wide so they can be tucked under moldings with a squeegee.

Alex carefully trims around the window molding with an X-acto knife.  The 3M Scotchprint wrap film cuts easily and cleanly.

The squeegee is your friend for working the film into tight areas.

Alex works the film by stretching it and laying it down carefully.  In the old days this was super critical for a good installation.  With 3M wrap materials the film is a lot more forgiving.  You can see the handy magnets in use here.

Stretch the film and lay it down.  Then work with a squeegee. It is pretty simple. With cheaper wrap material installation can get a lot more difficult.

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