How To Wrap Your Car with Skyprint Media, 3M and Lamin-x


Now that looks pretty darned good!
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Our car has gone from a boring street car to a race car with just some graphics and a wrap. If the car were to be damaged the finish could be repaired quickly and fairly inexpensively with new vinyl.

Alex adds the name plates which were designed to look like metal plates.

As a final touch, Alex put down some chrome striping to separate our color panels. This looks really good! You can really see the blue anodized look here.

Wrapping looks good and is durable.  3M says that the wrap can withstand 3 years of outdoor exposure, pretty similar to paint. From personal experience, I think that this might even be a little conservative.

The new generation of wraps are also easily removable. Those of us unlucky enough to remove some of the earlier wrapping materials can attest to how much of a drag removing old wraps used to be. The new stuff peels off mostly in one piece without damage to the underlying material or paint.

After running a weekend at the track, the film has some very minor pitting but has less damage than paint would have gotten so the durability of the material in use is good. If the film was damaged in high impact areas of the car, it is very simple to patch it up or replace panels compared to repainting.

Perhaps the coolest thing is the ability to easily change the look of your car completely in as little as a day. Wrap material can be custom printed with designs and logos even with complex colors. Skyprint Media can do these printed wraps which are probably actually easier and quicker to install as well.

Having a good looking race car has never been so easy!



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