How To Wrap Your Car with Skyprint Media, 3M and Lamin-x


Alex finishes off the wrap with the bumper sides.  He uses a little heat to help the film go around the compound curves.

A little trimming of the edges and some squeegee action gets it down.

The complicated shape of the nose is a little more difficult and had to be done in several pieces. The cool blue anodized brushed aluminum look can be seen really well here. A nice bonus is that the film will also protect our new paint from rocks and chips which is really common on our SoCal tracks.
To protect our rare clear headlights and corner lamps we got some light protective film from Lamin-x. Lamin-X provides the spec film for the ALMS GT cars. Notice that the GT Challenge cars car all have yellow lenses? It's Lamin-X film, the same stuff we are using.

The film is squeegeed down.  It is applied wet with water and a little soap, just like clear bra. In fact it looks like the same material but thicker.

Our car is now completely wrapped.  It looks pretty cool but we need to add some final touches for racing!

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