How To Wrap Your Car with Skyprint Media, 3M and Lamin-x


The film all in place looks like blue anodized paint!  You can get all sorts of interesting effects with film that you can't get with paint!

Alex lays out the silver film next using the cut edge of the blue anodized film as a guide.

Magnets are used to hold the film down while the backing paper is peeled off and the film worked down in sections.

The squeegee is your friend. The 3M film helps make getting the wrinkles out a lot easier, cheaper films have a much harder time doing this.

Once the front is stuck down as an anchor, the rest of the film can be stretched out and laid down. Once again Controltac really helps here. It is one of the only ways this can be a once man operation.

Alex cuts around the wheel wells leaving plenty of extra material for wrapping around the openings.

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