KW Update and Refurbishing Service for our S13 Drift Grip Project Car!

The shock body is filled with fluid.

The shaft/rod assembly is greased up and readied to be installed.

Now the shaft rod is pushed into the main body.

This special tool is threaded into the separator piston through the Schrader valve, this allows the fluid to be pumped in and out getting rid of all the air bubbles.

Once the shock is full of fluid and the air is purged, excessive fluid is allowed to spill out of the shock.  The shock packing is then pushed into place and the excess fluid is forced out.  No air is inside the shock except on the other side of the separator piston.

Next, the retaining snap ring is installed into place.

Finally, the top dust seal is put into place.

The dust seal is held in by o-ring tension and is tapped into place.

The core of the Schrader valve is installed and the shock is pressurized to 150 psi.  Now it is time to install the shock into the strut body.


  1. What’s always interesting is seeing how different KW’s valve design philosophy is compared to the Bilstein/Ohlins/Penske/etc deflective disc pistons… but obviously it works, and works well. Cool that they’re doing rebuilds in-country too, thank you for sharing all of this.

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