KW Update and Refurbishing Service for our S13 Drift Grip Project Car!

While we were rebuilding the shocks we also had them revalved as we were going to run higher road racing-oriented spring rates of 10kg front and 8kg rear vs the original 8kg front and 6kg rear.  Here are all of the parts cleaned and laid out getting ready to be reassembled.

The first step is to get the rebound adjustment valve attached to the adjuster rod.  It is held on with a nut and blue loctite.  The valve has several orfaces that control the amount of fluid going through the valve.  Inside the valve is a needle valve that can be screwed in and out to adjust the rebound flow.  This adjusts mostly the low-speed rebound although it does have some global effect on the overall rebound force.

The valve is screwed onto the end of the shock shaft.

The excess length of the shock rod is sawed off.


  1. What’s always interesting is seeing how different KW’s valve design philosophy is compared to the Bilstein/Ohlins/Penske/etc deflective disc pistons… but obviously it works, and works well. Cool that they’re doing rebuilds in-country too, thank you for sharing all of this.

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