KW Update and Refurbishing Service for our S13 Drift Grip Project Car!

The sticker on the shock tells what valving combination is in them to make future servicing easy.

The rear shocks have ride height adjustable independently of the spring preload, great for corner balancing.

All adjustment knobs are simple and easy to reach.  This is important and saves time during testing, practice, and pit stops.

The strut body is slotted so the camber can be adjusted at the bottom of the strut.  This allows the top mount to be used for setting the steering axis and scrub radius.  This is important stuff that people tend to forget.

The rear shocks have long lines and the reservoirs are mounted on the inside of the car for ease of adjustment.  KW added these quick-release dry break lines that preserve gas pressure to make working on the car much quicker and easier.

Our beat-up old rear shocks have been fully updated and restored to almost new condition!

Our front struts have also been brought back from the dead and are ready to hit the track again in an all-new car!

KW’s service department can handle everything from a simple rebuild to an extensive rebuild of heavily worn shocks complete with an update to the latest specs like in our case.  Thanks to KW our Project S13 is going to be rolling on some state-of-the-art repurposed dampers.   It is a good thing we didn’t throw them away!


KW Suspension



  1. What’s always interesting is seeing how different KW’s valve design philosophy is compared to the Bilstein/Ohlins/Penske/etc deflective disc pistons… but obviously it works, and works well. Cool that they’re doing rebuilds in-country too, thank you for sharing all of this.

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