Nerd’s Eye View: Ferguson & Macmillan Racing K-Liner


The GTX4502R has a divided (twin-scroll) turbine housing, so a pair of TiAL wastegates are used to regulate the bypass flow. More ATP heat shielding is seen here on the wastegates along with more meticulous hard lines. These land speed cars are basically aircraft, so maximum durability and reliability are required. Failure of components at a few hundred miles per hour is not acceptable. The big tank with the two water lines at the top and the disconnected water line at the bottom is the reservoir for the air-to-water intercooler system. The two lines you see at the top are the drain lines for the intercooler while the line at the bottom is the water pump pickup.
The water pump is mounted to a sturdy bracket.
In this view, you can see the drain lines coming off the intercooler. The large vertical tank between the firewall and the air-to-water setup is the fuel tank.
The air-to-water IC was fabricated by one of our favorite guys in SoCal, Brian Kono of Afterhours Automotive. It is a dual-pass, counter-flow design for maximum cooling efficiency. For all you mechanical engineers, you’ll recognize the counter-flow design from heat transfer class. If you don’t understand the benefits of the counter-flow design, you can Google it as it takes a bit to explain. In another example of sound engineering by Doug and Brian, they did a really good job of designing the end tanks of the IC to get as even a flow distribution through the IC as possible to maximize cooling.
The black cap to the water reservoir for the IC can be seen here. A TiAL BOV is place between the IC and the throttle body.

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