Nerd’s Eye View: Ferguson & Macmillan Racing K-Liner


Mounted at the very tail of the vehicle are the Optima battery and oil tank.
How much power does it make? The vehicle was taken to Church Automotive Tuning to find out.
This shot provides a good view of the entire package in the middle of the vehicle.
Yes, a lot of thermal insulation to protect everything underneath the bodywork. The small diameter hard lines go to spray nozzles for the fire suppression system.
The curvature of the bottom of the fuel tank (on the left) matches that of the bodywork; how’s that for some fab work? Hiding behind the Aeromotive fuel pump and the beautifully bent hard lines is the U-shaped pipe going from the IC to the throttle body. The gentle bends minimize pressure drop while maximizing power. Having bent hard lines myself, I can tell you it takes practice to get it right and a lot of time invested to do all these lines.
Installed in the right side of the Hayward Performance intake manifold is an air temperature sensor.

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