Nerd’s Eye View: Ferguson & Macmillan Racing K-Liner


This tube with holes inside is connected to the return lines from the IC. Notice from the previous picture that the water pump pickup is located below the two return lines from the IC. Well, those return lines are dumping warm water into the reservoir, water you do not want to be sucking directly back up and sending to the IC. These tubes will redistribute the warm water evenly into the reservoir over 40 pounds of ice and 3 gallons of water mix maximizing the effectiveness of all the water in the system.
This picture provides a nice view of the airflow path from the IC to the throttle body and the Hayward Performance intake manifold. Pipes with gentle radius bends transport the air from the IC to the intake manifold with minimal pressure drop showing more attention to detail.
Vibrant clamps keep the piping connected.
The wheel connected to the throttle body has multiple mounting hole options for the throttle linkage. I think this is to alter the throttle response. Closer in is more responsive, further out is less so.
Controlling the engine is a Hondata KPro. The big reservoir below the ECU box is one of the two coolant reservoirs for the engine. There is no radiator on the vehicle, so enough coolant fluid has to be carried on the car to last one pass.
A Hondata traction control system is employed to help prevent wheel spin at a few hundred miles per hour. Spinning the tires at triple digit speeds sucks; you can ask Chuck about that in the Project Landspeed Racer 240SX.

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